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What is Health Insurance?

Any medical condition that requires hospitalization is covered under health insurance. Health insurance takes care of cost like hospitalization, medicine, doctors consultation, medical test and even pre and post hospitalization expenses. One can get cashless treatment if covered under health insurance plan up to the sum insured.

Why health insurance is important

In today’s era where multiple diseases are spreading and medical cost is rising day by day, buying health insurance is not a choice it’s a must have product, because the cost of treating the illness can cause severe financial strain on the saving you have accumulated over time. Health insurance play a very important role in financial planning.

Types of Health insurance:

1)- Individual Health Insurance: it covers a single individual under the policy, the entire sum insure is used to cover one person only so it gives sufficient coverage to one person as compared to family floater plan. Senior citizens are advised to have this policy as they are prone to attract illness due to old age.

2)- Family Floater Policy: under this policy several members of a single family can be covered for a sum assured by paying a single premium in a year. The sum insured can be distributed between family members and multiple claims entertained. It is very cost effective as compared to individual policy.

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