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life insurance is a very essential financial tool, it is a contract between policy holder and insurance company. Insurance company pay money to beneficiaries in case policy holder dies during the policy tenure. Policyholder pays a specific premium for specific time.

“Life insurance secures your family and loved one’s future by paying a lump sum amount in case of an unfortunate event. “

There are many types of insurance such as:

There are many types of insurance such as:

Term plan: It provides protection for a definite time or term; the insurer pays the beneficiary of policy holder a predefined sum of money in the event of an unfortunate demise of the policyholder during a specific term and time.

Endowment Insurance Plan: people who want guaranteed return along with the protection. It help people to plan for their long-term goal like children education, marriage etc. One can choose suitable time and premium. endowment plan also gives bonuses that are over and above the sum assure of your policy. Returns generated on maturity from an endowment plan are tax free U/S 10 (10D) and the premium paid can also be claimed as a deduction U/S 80C.

Ulip Plans: It is a combination of insurance and investment Ulip plans give you potential to create wealth by investing money in different instruments available in market like equities, bond, debt and hybrid funds. Return generated this plant is also tax-free u/s 10 (10d).

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