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What are Mutual Funds

If you don’t know anything about the market but you desire to invest in equity /stocks, bonds and money market instrument then you have two options either you will research about each and everything or you can simply invest through mutual fund. Mutual funds are professionally managed by an expert who takes care of your investment and work hard to generate good returns on your investment. The unit price of mutual fund is called NAV. When the fund perform good NAV increases and when the fund performs poor NAV decreases. Mutual funds are brought or sold on the basis of per unit price.

Why to Invest in Mutual Funds

There are many benefits of investing in mutual funds.

Expert Management:

this is the main reason why people invest in mutual funds. Fund Manager has all the knowledge about the market he not only understands the risk associated with securities but he understands the factors which impact the market directly or indirectly. This helps him to enter or exit timely to generate good returns for the investor. One has to only invest! rest, all the challenges will be taken care by the Fund Manager.

Flexible :

Mutual funds are very flexible to invest. You need not a huge amount to invest, it can be started from as little as Rs 500 per months only. Investments can be done lumpsum or on regular intervals according to your convenient and requirement.

Liquidity :

Mutual funds have no lock in period generally (except ELSS), investor can redeem the units anytime, this makes them very popular among investor. But one should consider tax and exit load before redeeming the units.

Diversification :

Diversification is the most important advantage of investing in mutual funds, it gives you instant diversification as one fund itself consists of almost 50-80 stocks. It helps to reduce the risk also.


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